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Physician Testimonials*


Works Great

I use it on my patients with neuropathy and it works great.

Dr. Milos Tomich, DPM

Good Feedback from my patients

I get good feedback from my patients about NerveReverse.

Dr. Martin Sloan, DPM

Saves my patients money

Excellent product that works at a lower cost than its competitors

Dr. Neal Zomback, DPM

Works Well for my patients

I am using NerveReverse in my podiatry practice and it works well.

Dr. Mitchell Needleman, DPM

Data shows measurable improvement in patient’s neuropathy

Our experience thus far with nerve reverse has been positive.  We have a large patient population with diabetic neuropathy, many of which have suffered with complications due to the neuropathy including wounds, infections and amputations.  Our patients have been eager to try the Nerve Reverse supplements as part of their fight against their neuropathy and it's complications.  We have been tracking the level of peripheral neuropathy each patient has with a sudoscan exam and we are noticing improved scores with patients using Nerve Reverse.  We are also noting patients reporting less neuropathic pain and numbness.  Moreover, our patients have largely switched from Metanx to Nerve Reverse because of cost and ease of access in our clinic.  I would recommend Nerve Reverse to patients and physicians looking for ways to increase nerve health and combat neuropathy.

Dr. Dan Preece, DPM

Better than MetanX

NerveReverse has been a "life saver" for many of my patients.  It really sells itself.  I have noticed less pain, and paresthesias.  The patients I have on it have felt a significant improvement in their discomfort.  I highly recommend the use of nerve reverse.  My experience is that it is as good or better than Metanx for diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Randal Young, DPM

Switched all our patients to this and the results have been great!

"We are so pleased with the NerveReverse product!  Initially, in our office we used a different nerve supplement, but upon switching to NerveReverse our patients have seen tremendous improvement.  We recommend this to all our patients suffering from slightly painful to debilitating nerve conditions.  What a helpful supplement to easily improve their quality of life!"

Dr. Daniel Huff, DPM

My Patients Love the Neuropathy Pain Cream

"The NerveReverse pain cream is a very effective product and I am very happy with it.  I have prescribed it to patients and the feedback has been very positive.  The patients not only say it is effective and helps almost immediately, but that it also lasts the longest of any topical they have tried.  It is easy to apply and is not greasy or too thick.  Overall, patients are happy with how it helps their foot and ankle pain, but also nerve related pain."

Dr. Karen Leonard, DPM



Patient Testimonials*


Stopped Using – Big Mistake!

I haven't used nervereverse in about 2 months. Just kept forgetting to order! I started again 2 weeks again and I feel much better. I knew my body was lacking something. Thank you

R. Calderon

Lessens Pain

NerveReverse does lessen the pain in my feet. The neuropathy was well established when I started to use it. It does make a difference.

A. Sullivan

Lower Cost than Competitors

It is very helpful and I like the lower cost.

S. Montgomery

Worth the price

It is expensive but....... Well packaged, easy auto refills,no bad side effects.Along with my low glucose numbers, my neuropathy has slowed down.Just maybe less painful. Not sure if the Nerve Reverse helps, but I'm happy with my current results and it may be helping.That for now is good enough for me.

W. McCauley

Life Changing Product

I know when I am taking Nerve Reverse. After a few days without it, I feel my nerves getting unhappy... B12 is crucial for nerve health, and some of us don't seem to be able to methylate on our own, so using a supplemental form that is already methylated can be life-changing. This product has been for me.

J. Sorenson

Great Product

I wish I’d found it sooner

K. Williamsen

Miracle Med

For me this is a miracle med . My foot Dr prescribed NerveReverse. Best med I have taken for my Neuropathy.

J. Calloway

I can finally sleep

I have less burning of my feet at nite when I trying to go to sleep!

E. Landers

Works quick

Within the first three days of taking NerveReverse, I noticed improvement in the way I felt. I highly recommend NerveReverse to anyone who is experiencing the effects of nerve damage.

B. Oliphant

Real Improvement in my neuropathy

It's good stuff. I got a sample from my doctor, just enough to tell I wasn't having any negative reaction. Some of the ingredients were stuff I was already using. After a year I still have some symptoms, but the improvement has been real and is continuing. I will continue using the product.

C. Anderson

After years, I’m finally pain-free.

I have had neuropathy for years and after 3 months of nerve reverse I was pain free.

V. Gleed

NerveReverse is a life-saver

Did a amazing job helping me I notice a change in 3 days my legs and knees don't ache or sting like they were before using your product.Nerve Reverse is a lifesaver

Helped my rare nerve condition

It has helped significantly. My condition is actually caused by a rare nerve condition & Nerve Reverse has been a great addition to the overall treatment.

S. Christensen

Neuropathy is gone

My neuropathy has disappeared due to nerve reverse.

No more tingling!

I have had NO tingling in my fingers since taking Nerve Reverse!

K. Boyle

Cream works great

The best nerve/pain cream out there.

B. Berge

Pain not as severe

I feel this has helped a great amount. I still have some pain but not as severe as it was before.

R. Christensen

Works great!

It works great! I had an incident where the mail lost a bottle of my capsules and I went with out it for about 3 days and it was very difficult time it works!

T. Valdez

Thank you NerveReverse!

Your products have been very helpful in relieving the problems of neuropathy. Thank you

L. Abersold

Great Formula

I was diagnosed with Sensorimotor, Axonal Polyneuropathy about a year ago. For several years I had been taking Benfotimine (Vitamin B1) but it was becoming ineffective. I found NerveReverse covered a whole range of vitamins and has given me relief.

J. Newton

No more Neuropathy

My neuropathy is gone for the most part. Sometimes if I forget to take it for a few days Mild neuropathy returns.

T. Abraham

Great help

This has been a great help to fight the effects of neuropathy and seems to be helping me cope with the pain.

W. Neve

Skeptical but..

Didn't think it would work as well as it does.

L. Bailey

No more walking on marbles

Before using NerveReverse I felt as if I were walking on marbles, It was uncomfortable, but not painful. I no longer have this sensation.

P. Gilman

Very Skeptical at first

I was skeptical at first but after taking NerveReverse for over a year is the best thing that has ever happen for my neuropathy pain in my feet. I confidently recommend this to everyone. I’ve told everyone I know about this product and I personally have 100% confidence that it will help with your neuropathy symptoms and it won’t make you drowsy like the prescription your taking from your doctor nor is there any narcotic to become habit forming. NerveReverse is a bunch of vitamins. You have to give it time and you have to take it as suggested. You’ll wake up one day realizing the your neuropathy symptoms have greatly diminished and become bearable. In my opinion it’s worth trying. But know it isn’t an overnight fix you must take it for a while, everyday for it to work. I sound like a salesman, sorry about that. I just have total confidence with NerveReverse and recommend this to everyone. It’s totally worth it.

G. Curl

Slowed neuropathy

It has slowed my neuropathy. And it has not been getting worse. Hopefully over time I can get some of my feeling back in my toes.

F. Kemp


Regular use of Nerve Reverse has provided genuine relief.

B. Colegrove

Love NerveReverse!

I love NerveReverse! It is the only thing that has helped the neuropathy in my feet. I have recommended this to my brother and several other people! Thank you!

P. Shockey

Less Pain

I have experienced less pain in my feet. I would hope that it is doing good. I also have changed shoes and am working on my type 2 diabetes. All of these things seem to have made a difference.

B. Child

Makes a difference

I have been taking it a good three years and I have it auto shipped. I have stopped it before and it does make a difference.

A. Monaghan

Feeling back in my feet

I really believe it helped get feeling back in my feet. Also, I like that the ingredients includes a combination of vitamins...nothing harmful. Thank you!

L. Plevak


It has been incredible how good it worked for me

L. Neilson

Worked after surgery

I had ulnar nerve compression in both elbows and had to have the left released, but the orthopedic surgeon I work for is a foot and ankle specialist and recommends Nerve Reverse for neuropathy and nerve health, so I decided to go on it immediately after surgery in hopes to prevent needing surgery on the other arm. The product has been great, and I didn't even realize exactly how much relief I was getting until I ran out and went weeks without it and my symptoms started to return on both arms. I immediately got on the auto ship and have been taking it ever since with fantastic results. I tell everyone about Nerve Reverse!

H. Jensen

Immediate Improvement

I noticed an immediate improvement in neuropathy symptoms when I changed from previous medication to NerveReverse. My podiatrist noted an improvement when he conducted my next annual evaluation.

D. Williams

Can’t go without it

I would not go with out it...it has bought my pain down about 75%

S. Grose

Changed My Life

Nerve reverse has changed my life in relation to my neuropathy! I could feel the difference within a week of starting to take it and for the first year and half I was taking only one capsule a day ...taking two didn’t seem to make any difference. In the past year I have started to take the recommended dosage of two per day am getting even better results now and into my fourth year! I seldom think about my feet on a daily basis because the symptoms are barely noticeable. I recommend it to everyone who will listen... even doctors!! Thank you Nerve Reverse!’

B. Jamison

Tried other stuff

I can really fell a difference when using it and I've tried a lot of stuff that didn't work

S. Godfrey

Give it time

At first it didn't seem to make a difference but the nerves are acting better. No feeling has returned to my toes however

D. Timothy

No more opiods

I had burning stinging in my feet and it was constant pain. All the doctors wanted me on opioids. Immediate relief after Nerve Reverse!

D. Morgan

Cream works great

This stuff is great. The cream stops the burning pain that I wake up with at night almost instantly. I also take the supplements and I have noticed a marked reduction in my Neuropathy symptoms

S. Tradup

No more cramping

Nerve Reverse has made life SO much better. I didn’t think it was possible as bad as my hands and feet were. Nerve Reverse helped first with cramping at night (it was terrible). I was on other medication that was not helping. I encourage all to try it, give it a few months, I was hesitant, but I’m so grateful for all the relief and improvements.

K. Whitley

Helps after my injury

Has really helped me with some of the nerve damage from a broken back. I don’t have neuropathy but have nerve damage.

V. Forester

Symptoms come back if I don’t take it

I’ve been using NR for several years. I ran out once and noticed my symptoms coming back. It takes me 2 two 3 months after restarting again to get the expected results again. I don’t ever want to be without NR!

R. Porter

Really like it

I really like this product. It made a difference when I started using it. I do notice a difference when I run out.

D. Snow

Doctor recommended

My doctor recommend I take NerveReverse first.  It took away my issues.  I am now giving it to my husband in hopes it helps him.

C. Wright

Helps Leg Cramps

Leg cramps were bad. Had tried other things but nothing worked until I was referred to "Nerve Reverse" by my endocrinologist.

R. Hughes

Pain Gone!

This product is terrific. I began to feel the improvement in the 2nd month. The pain is gone from my feet.

S. Coker

Works good after toe surgery

Works pretty good for me after surgery on a toe. Nerves were / still a bit slow to heal. Helps with the funky feeling (or lack of feeling) I was having.

S. Pedersen

Seems to work

Nerve Reverse seems to help me. It's not a cure but it does help.

J. Richardson

Thank You NerveReverse!

I love the product very, very much. I do not have the hot pins in my feet as much. I am a diabetic of 65 years and my feet sometimes felt like the were going to blow up. I know that sound weird to some but I know that my feet feel alot calmer. But, I am waiting for summer and the heat. That was my worst time of my feet acting up. Right now I have only used the product for 2 months and like I said I like and will continue to use the product. Thank you Nerve Reverse people, God Bless you for thinking of us..

J.R. Mills

Improved Sensitivity

I've really enjoyed using NerveReverse. I've noticed positive results in the sensitivity of my feet!

E. Bagley

Better than any prescription

My husband has had issues with feeling in his hands for a while. Since he started taking nerve reverse he is able to feel more and can now feel a difference in temperature change. This stuff is amazing and would recommend it to anyone with neuropathy. It works better then every prescription we have tried.

D. Makin

I can finally sleep

Since using Nerve Reverse I have not suffered with the burning and discomfort on my feet at night.

E. Landers

Helps Numbness

It has helped the numbness and burning in my feet but hasn't eliminated it. NerveReverse does not leave a nasty taste and is easy to swallow. It is expensive but worth it.

L. Christiansen

Good Results

I’ve had really good results with NerveReverse, been able to get off medication. I do have the occasional bad day, I think it’s due to bad eating habits. I’ve used for six months and am going to keep using, it’s really worth it.

M. Hales

Seems to work

Seems to relieve early signs of neuropathy.

L. Rose

Calms Nerves

It has helped to calm the nerves in my feet.

A. Monaghan

Pleasantly Surprised

I was very pleasantly surprised at the results. I began to feel changes within a week and it continues to improve. I can now feel my broken toes (broke them because I couldn't feel them) which hurts...but totally worth it because I can avoid issues in the future! Thanks so much NerveReverse! It's a miracle!

M. Williamsen

Nerves are improving

I've been using NR for six months and not only do I feel its working but I've definitive proof via a Sudoscan test. I had an initial test in November 2017 and a followup test this May 2018. The results are an objective improvement of my sudomotor function of approximately 20% in my feet and about 10% in my hands. Both myself and my doctor are very pleased. I'll continue taking the Nerve Reverse and retest again in six months to see if there's anymore improvement.

R. Hixson

Foot pain much improved

I have neuropathy caused from a back injury and lost the feeling in my feet. My foot doctor suggested I try NerveReverse. At my last visit my feet had shown much improved.

N. Hensley

Works quickly

I received NerveReverse in a three day (6 capsules) trial pack from my podiatrist. I felt the healing effects of NerveReverse by Day 1.5, so we ordered our initial 3 month supply and have been using it since (September 2017).

T. Vonbon

Great Customer Service

I had no problem with NerveReverse. I was hoping it would help my neuropathy but it did not. I contacted them and requested a refund. I received a refund promptly without any hassles. Customer Service is great. I will recommend NerveReverse.

C. Walton

Almost pain-free

It really helped and I am almost nerve damage free on my feet.

B. Rinaldi

Have Patience

NR takes several weeks to build to therapeutic effect, but there are definite beneficial effects and your patience is rewarded.

S. Goehring

Really Works

The product has helped my neuropathy a lot. I have been using product for 6 months now.

L. Child

Reduced my medications

I have been on the product for less than 30 days. Before taking NerveReverse, I was on Lyrica and Tramadol to help control my pain and to help me sleep. I no longer have to take the Tramadol. I can finally feel my fingers enough to pick up small screws and bolts. My feet aren't hurting as much and I didn't have any side effects. I am surprised it worked as quickly as it did. This is a very good product!!

Kelly G.

*Results may vary.  This does not guarantee you will have the same results.  We do offer your money back if NerveReverse doesn’t work for you.